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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

The under halo diamond ring design unique and charming because it holds a centre stone with small diamond covering the rim of the halo setting. This look is mind blowing because it attracts attention and its gentle elegance and sophistication captivates beauty. The under halo is a hidden setting which can be seen if the ring is tilted or from a side angle, this makes this style of setting subtle but very stylish. The great attention to detail is something to look out for and we strongly recommend going for this ring if you are a woman who prefers a minimalistic design with a dash of extravagance. At Fascinating diamonds we offer a high setting under halo design as well as a low setting under halo design, with your ability to mix and match with your choice of metals and diamond choice, this is the best place to customise your very own ring. We offer a range of gemstones, marvellous centre diamonds all in an extravagant under halo setting.

The Trending Under Halo Diamond Rings