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Buy supreme quality GIA certified natural wholesale loose diamonds from Fascinating Diamonds to create diamond jewelry whose fire and brilliance will attract all eyes.

What are the different loose diamond shapes that are universally preferred?

The brilliance of diamonds rest upon the finely cut facets, the color and clarity of diamonds also play a part in depicting its fire and shimmer. The number and the angles of facets cut in a diamond decide the shape and shine of it. Depending upon the variation in choice and personality, divergent shapes of diamonds are preferred by the women and men. Any style of jewelry looks beguiling only when they are decorated with a precious diamond shape that is desired by millions. GIA certified loose diamonds are available in square shapes like the princess cut, asscher cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut, and also a number of fancy shapes like the pear shape, heart shape, etc. are always admired for their delightful curves. Again, the classic round diamond shape, cushion cut diamond and the oval diamond charms all with its matchless allure and fire. 1 carat loose diamond, 2 carat loose diamond or 3 carat loose diamond of any particular shape can be acquired at unbelievably lower price in Fascinating Diamonds, compared to any other source.

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Why Buy Loose Diamonds From Online Retailers Rather Than Brick And Mortar Stores?

Oval Cut Diamond In comparison to any diamond jewelry store, the GIA diamonds for sale from online retailers can be owned at a very lucrative price because they reach the customers directly from the source without any mediator in between, thus redemption in extra charges like retail charges, taxes, etc. Hence, the wholesale loose diamonds from online source like Fascinating Diamonds can be bought at an incredibly low price compared to their market price. Also, it becomes easy to inspect every minute detail about the loose diamonds such as checking for any inclusion or blemish only when it is not mounted in a ring. So, all the diamond lovers around the globe can purchase diamonds at distinct prices that is highly affordable in comparison to any diamond jewelry. The only disadvantage that one could think of online shopping is that the customers do not get to examine the diamond closely. But to eliminate that drawback, Fascinating Diamonds includes a 360® video in HD quality, so that one can experience in real time the 4C’s of diamonds evidently from all angles without any confusion or doubts. Oval Cut Diamond A GIA certificate guarantees you about the quality of the diamond but witnessing it with your own eyes makes it so much better. In the super-zoomed video, one will be able to see every detail with infinite clarity, so that, you can get to know your diamond even more.

Emphasis On The Dazzling Diamond Shapes And Cuts:

The royal ages of past reveal the various shapes of diamonds that have been used to create masterpieces in ancient times and in present days also, one can buy loose diamonds at flexible price and imitate the beauty of such exquisite craftsmanship.
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